1) Do you accept mandalorian characters in the Outer Rim Collective?

We do, but with that said, we are going to be accepting on a case by case basis, and on an “as needed” basis as well. The Collective has a main focus and that focus is the wretched hive of scum and villainy that hang out in spaceports, cantinas, Jabba’s Palace, and other such insidiously seedy joints. We pride ourselves on these characters, as we here at the Outer Rim Collective Costume Club feel that there is a missing factor in the Star Wars costuming clubs that should be addressed. We don’t want to be a secondary MMCC. No need to fix something that already works!

2) I want to apply! How can I apply?

Under the "Getting Involved" tab, you will find the page "Become A Member". Click that and you are on your way!

3) Are you LucasFilm approved?

Yes! On March 7th, at 10:34am, Pete Vilmur, Head of Fan Relations for LucasFilm responded to our email about starting up the Outer Rim Collective Costume Club, welcoming us to the fold!

4) What types of costumes/characters do you accept?

We accept custom and canon costumes based on the inhabitants of the Outer Rim Territories, more specifically - the denizens and patrons of such establishments as Maz Kanata's Bar/Charmun's Cantina (Mos Eisley Cantina)/Jabba's Palace. A list of such characters is as follows, but not limited to:

Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Weapons Specialist, Artist, Dancer, Musician, Gang Member, Henchman, Boss, Terrorist, Spy, Pirate, Enforcer, Gambler, Sabaac Dealer, Rogue Pilot, Scavenger, Aliens from Aqualish to Zabrak (and everything inbetween!)

 But, by all means, we are STILL growing our database, so if there is something you don’t see that you think would be suitable in our fine club, please let us know ( pics and references are welcome!) and if we find it suitable and can find a spot for it, we will gladly add it to the database!

Please feel free to email us any and all of your questions about our organization. If we feel they are relevant and need answering, we will post them up here and on our forums for the viewing public.


The Outer Rim Collective Costume Club Administration