The mission of the outer Rim Collective Costume Club is defined in the organization’s charter as:

"The Outer Rim Collective Costume Club is a volunteer-driven organization, formed with the express interest of combining volunteerism, charity fundraising and costuming into one organization.

The Outer Rim Collective Costume Club is an world-wide STAR WARS™ costuming organization dedicated to charity fundraising and community outreach by means of creation and wearing of custom and canon screen-ready STAR WARS™ character costumes that represent thescum and villainy present in the Outer Rim Territories and such establishments as Maz Kanata's Bar/Charmun's Cantina/Jabba's Palace from the STAR WARS™ sagas.

The ORCCC looks to align individuals with a common love for STAR WARS™ and the Outer Rim characters/denizens, all the while promoting charity, community outreach and volunteerism among their peers. We encourage our members to embrace their own personal growth and enjoyment, all the while bettering their community."

ORCCC is a unique club in that we encourage our members to embrace creativity and individualism during custom character/costume creation processes, as well as when creating screen  accurate costumes from the STAR WARS™ films and canon reference material. ORCCC specializes in the scum and villainy of the STAR WARS™ universe, all the while putting the fun and charity back into costuming.

Recognized by Lucasfilm LTD., Outer Rim Collective Costume Club looks to set the new standard of costuming based on canon film (Maz Kanata's Bar/Charmun's Cantina/Jabba's Palace), Expanded Universe, “Legends”, action figure, and video/board game references. Our CRLs (Costume Requirement List) allow official members to be highly creative with their character costumes, all the while keeping a "screen-ready" standard that must be attained; every member is encouraged to improve the quality and aesthetic of their costume to set the highest standard they can.